Designing, manufacturing and repairing a sail is not an easy business. Sail is the like your cars engine, it needs to be reliable and working very well at all times weather you are taking your family on a small trip or competing in a race. Each and every sail made by us is made to be fast, strong and compatible with a specific yacht. All materials for making sails are being brought to us directly by their respective manufacturers such us Dimension-Polyant (Germany), Contender (Netherlands) ja Rutgerson (Sweden).

«The beauty of a boat is that nothing on a boat is made for beauty»


Making a brand new sail begins with design. Using the ProSail software we can design and produce Mainsails,  Foka sails, Genua, Spinnakers and Gennakers with horizontal, radial or even tri-radial sewing type. More than that, we guarantee it will fit your yacht. All the panels of a sail are drawn by plotter which guarantees accuracy in gluing, cutting and sewing. As a result, you get a sail that suits the project.


We also offer maintenance of the sails that you may already have. It often happens that our customer needs can be fulfilled by modifying his old sail instead of making a new one.  Our knowledge of sail constructions and designs along with our best practical experiences guarantees that you will get the best out of the sails you already have.  One way or the other, in our workshop you will find a solution that fits your needs and budget.

We offer:

•    All types of sail sewings
•    Sail remodelings
•    Sail cleaning
•    Battens and additional batten pockets instalment
•    Monofilm, X-ply window replacements
•    UV-Protection replacement
•    ...and many more, just ask!

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