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With Baltic summer being short every windy day counts. Every surfer knows that equipment needs to be always ready. But sometimes it is not enough, a ride can end shortly because of a low-quality repairs done earlier.


Surfing sails repairs are being done in our workshop for over 20 years, and kite repairs are being done since the the moment this sport was introduced in Estonia. We are big supporters of the sport and we know for sure why the sail gets damaged and not only how to repair it so it doesn’t lose it’s qualities and shape, but also, so it remains it’s re-sale value. Our Guarantee is hundreds of satisfied customers in Estonia and Finland.
We have all the necessary equipment, materials and tools for quick and high quality repairs at a normal price. Material colors are renewing every year in accordance to worldwide tendencies, so you do not have to worry about mismatches.


Knowing the feeling to well, when there is wind outside we always tend to repair your sail in the shortest possible period. However, there is also something you can do to speed up the repairs before we even start looking at your sail!

  • Clean up and dry your sail/kite before you give it to us. There is absolutely no need to rush to us straight from the beach. There is nothing we can do with sandy and wet textile, except to waste time on its drying and cleaning the workshop afterwards. Remember, this time could have been used for the sail/kite repair!

  • If you need canopy repairs or replacement, just take the ones you have got to us, no need to bring all the equipment to us.
  • Blown up Kite bladder? Take it out and bring it to us separately. If you’ve never done this, or do not know how to do it at all – ask us when is the next Maintenance & Small repairs training going to take place.

  • If you need a new strut, bladder or surf TOP always, inquire your surf/kite distributor (shop) if they have it as a spare part. We can replace absolutely everything, but since we use only original spare parts, it takes time for us to inquire and get the necessary part. Whereas you can often just pick it up on your way to our workshop.

  • SUP-, Kite, surfing and windsurfing boards are being repaired by



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