We are based in a purpose built sailmaking facility, the largest in the Baltics, specially built for the 1980 Moscow Olympics sailing regatta held in Tallinn.

We have experince in sailmaking and repair, access to modern technologies and materials, a floor area of 500m2, meaning we can repair any of your sails with high quality and quickly, so that no windy day is wasted on land because of equipment failure.

We repair, design and produce cruising and racing sails using the best materials and fittings made by industry leaders in their respective fields (Dimension-Polyant sailcloths, Contender sailcloths, Rutgerson hardware etc.) We design sails using ProSail software, so that any sail can be tailored exactly to your specifications.

We offer boat covers for transport and storage of yachts, dinghies and powerboats, made from high quality PVC materials.

We also make boom covers, sprayhoods and all sorts of custom covers from Sunbrella material. In other words, if it,s made of any sort of textile and goes on a boat, yacht, RIB, motorboat, windsurfer or kitesurfer – we’ve got it. And if you are looking for best quality on the market – we are providing it!

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